For The First Time: Utility-Scale Power From Ocean Waves

The Atargis CycWEC Delivers Cost-Effective, Always-On Renewable Electricity

The First Green Base-Load System

Our Fully Submerged Design Extracts Ocean Energy with Hydrofoils

The CycWEC Captures 95% of the Kinetic Energy in Ocean Waves and Directly Converts Wave Power to Shaft Power

Find Out How in the CycWEC Technical Description


Cycloidal Wave Energy Conversion (CycWEC)

Our long standing vision has been to develop a new wave energy converter design from scratch to enable utility scale power production. The Atargis CycWEC achieves this goal by means of rotating hydrofoils that convert ocean wave energy into electric energy. It leverages technologies that have made wind energy one of the most cost efficient sources of renewable energy, and applies the lessons learned there to Ocean Wave Energy.

Since ocean waves a much more consistent resource, the CycWEC has the potential to surpass wind energy!

A New Design

The CycWEC is the first wave termination device designed from the ground up in decades.

This enabled us to implement all the lessons learned from traditional designs

Superior Cost Efficiency

The CycWEC has a unique responsive design that adapts to the ever changing waves. This enables it to convert wave energy to electric energy efficiently. By avoiding storm loads, we can build a far more cost efficient device.

Hydrofoil lift, submerged operation, utility scale power

Ready for Testing

This is, although quite new, has nonetheless passed through extensive scientific evaluation that has proven its performance in simulations and lab experiments. It is ready for the next step - an open ocean test!

High Technology Readiness Level

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