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Atargis Energy Corporation, located in Pueblo, Colorado, has developed an innovative twin hydrofoil-based wave energy converter technology that will deliver the first, and only, predictable, $0.06 per kWh electricity from ocean waves. The ocean-bottom moored Cycloidal Wave Energy Converter (CycWEC) operates completely under the surface of the ocean, continuing generation even in storm conditions. The critical feedback control system combined with the patented, lift-based generation hardware, captures 95% or more of the energy in each ocean wave. The result is both very low LCOE and output scalability from 1.25 MW to 2.5 MW, and 5 MW. Atargis CycWEC's will generate affordable electricity across a range of wave climates and sea states around the globe.

With the CycWEC, Atargis hopes to empower a more sustainable future by providing baseload renewable electricity generation to communities all over the globe. We at Atargis believe that ocean wave energy will accelerate and enable the transition to green electricity production worldwide.


Vision and Values

External Support


It would be impossible to develop a wave energy converter without an external team of testing facilities, academic support and manufacturing facilities. The crucial funding from the National Science Foundation as well as the Department of Energy was essential to our progress. In order to enter the next phase of testing, Atargis is seeking new partners.

Atargis Energy Corporation Leadership:

Dr. Stefan Siegel, Co-Founder and CTO:
Experimental Fluid Dynamics, Inventor of the CycWEC

Bill Hartman, CEO:
Experienced High Tech Startup CEO with Successful Exits

Freia Siegel, CAO:
Marketing, Communications, Office & Finance Management

Michael Egan, Chairman:
Experienced Energy Executive, Leadership & BOD in multiple industries

Executive Management


Senior Advisory Team


Atargis Energy Corporation Senior Advisory Team:

Michael Egan:
Former CFO at PECO, Chairman of AmerGen energy and EVP at Exelon Corp, Chairman of Atargis

Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn, USN (Ret.):
Member of the board of directors at EPRI, Center for Climate and Security Advisory Board, and IMCCS

Dr. Jeff Roberts:
Former Director of Advanced Energy Technologies at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, board member at the Center for Sustainable Energy

Rob Oglesby:
Former Executive Director of the California Energy Commission

Dr. Bob Breidenthal:
Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Adjunct Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington

Atargis Energy Corporation is a privately held C Corporation. Due to SEC regulations, only accredited investors can become shareholders. Since we are seeking funding for future development, please contact us by phone or email for investing details



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At present, Atargis is not hiring. Any future job openings will be announced here, please check back later!