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Atargis Energy Corporation is a developer of a proprietary ocean wave energy converter. The company was founded in 2010 after initial research, conducted at the US Air Force Academy, presented the potential of the technology. The CycWEC was invented by Dr. Stefan Siegel in 2005, and initial patents were filed in 2006. The company is located in Colorado, USA.

As a pioneer of a groundbreaking technology, Atargis is aware of the rather unprecedented standing it holds in the largely undeveloped field of ocean wave energy. With this technology, Atargis hopes to empower a more sustainable future by efficiently harnessing the visceral power of the ocean. We believe that renewable energy can become a cost effective supplement and eventual replacement for fossil fuels.


Vision and Values

External Support


It would be impossible to develop a wave energy converter without an external team of testing facilities, academic support and manufacturing facilities. The crucial funding from the National Science Foundation as well as the Department of Energy was essential to our progress. In order to enter the next phase of testing, Atargis is seeking new partners.

Atargis Energy Corporation Leadership:

Dr. Stefan Siegel, Co-Founder and CTO:
Experimental Fluid Dynamics, Inventor of the CycWEC

Mr. Bill Hartman, CEO:
Experienced High Tech Startup CEO with Successful Exits

Management Team




Atargis Energy Corporation is a privately held C Corporation. Due to SEC regulations, only accredited investors can become shareholders. Since we are seeking funding for future development, please contact us by phone or email for investing details

At present, Atargis is not hiring. Any future job openings will be announced here, please check back later!

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